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Team Outing

Is your team dreary from the daily clogs in office? Are you looking to go out as a group and bond with colleagues?

Headrush organizes fun and recreational team outing for companies and corporate groups. No matter what the excuse, it’s never too bad to go out and have fun with the ones you work! 

Why should you be calling us right away?

We won’t blow our own trumpet. Let’s just say there is no other brand that can organize and facilitate a team outing in a more adventurous and recreational manner than Headrush. Because, we have conducted over 800 events and offsites since we started all over India. And because, we have engaged more than 80,000 people at corporate offsites. And because, when it comes to having fun, we do what we love. And we make others do the same.

What we provide?

  • F&B options
  • Single Venue
  • Performances and Workshops
  • Group activities
  • Serve all possible group sizes
  • Facilitators
  • R&R options

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How should you contact us?

Get in touch with our team on +91.73034 90007 Extn: #2 or call 90-96-554899. Mail us at info@headrush.in