HEADRUSH Urban Extreme


The Hustle

The Hustle is a team game and the best way to explore a place by working together.

Clues in the form of mental puzzles and physical tasks are planted at landmark locations. Unlocking these clues leads participants to challenging tasks they would never have the opportunity to perform otherwise.

Participants race against each other and against time as they compete to finish the tasks at hand. Winner walks away with a prize and the knowledge his/her mental and physical prowess, and presence of mind, is far better than the competitors’.

A Headrush hit, The Hustle is crafted such that it tests not only your physical prowess but reasoning capacity as well. A more elaborate take on your everyday treasure hunt, it involves solving clues and performing physical tasks in order to reach the end of this action packed activity.

The Hustle at Urban Extreme lasts between 2-4 hours.

Cost : Rs 300 
Minimum participants required : 10

Below are the activities for The Hustle at Urban Extreme facility in Powai . PLEASE NOTE that this game can be played at a city level as well, where participants can race through landmark locations in the city. CLICK HERE to check it out.

1. Carrom

The Hustle


2. Target Shooting:

The Hustle


3.  Reverse Football

The Hustle


4. Hoops

The Hustle


5. Maze

The Hustle