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Drum Circle

Drum Circle

Drum Circle is a large circle in which participants gather together to play percussion instruments. Drum Circle is a rare opportunity to learn and immerse oneself in instruments that are so raw and rare, that the sounds created resonate within us for the longest time.

The objective of Drum Circle varies from fun and recreation to promoting team building and performance. The magic of the drum circle is unraveled when slowly but steadily, the individual beat of the member melds into one beautiful symphony of beats and creates rhythmic music. Sit and be riveted by the amazing music that is created unconsciously and feel the beat pulsing through your blood.

Drum Circles have become increasingly popular in communities where unity and team coordination is relevant to meeting goals and targets. The best part about this activity is that can from a minimum of 4-5 participants, a drum circle can be conducted with hundreds of people as well! More the better always.

Not only does it highlight what a cohesive group can achieve, it demonstrates the power of music to create unity.

From Drum Circles at corporate functions to festivals, Headrush has conducted Drum Circles all over the country.

Cost : Rs 500
Minimum participants required : 10