HEADRUSH Urban Extreme



These deadly machines of destruction struck fear even into the bravest of hearts.  Their ability to launch projectiles with great speed was enough to shake down even the most impenetrable of fortresses. These WMDs of the medieval ages are back with a bang.

Hide in trenches and dugouts to attack the enemy or go all out for a head on collision. Hear the blood pumping in your veins and feel the energy surge through to you as you battle through blood, sweat and tears to defend your fortress. Fire away your catapult to demolish the opposition.

This group activity involves splitting the team in such a way that one handles the catapults and the other concentrates on the fortification aspect. Use your catapult as a two edged sword, to break the other teams defenses and protect your own fortress. Think defense is the best offense? Think again.

Cost : Rs 300
Minimum participants required : 5