HEADRUSH Urban Extreme


Archery and Rifle Shooting

Archery is a challenging task that requires unflinching focus. Participants are required to take aim and shoot the target in the center when playing archery. Points are gained depending on how close to the target. Or on it at all!

If guns are more your thing, then let us bring out the metal for you. Brace the rifle, take aim and stay stable as the recoil hits your shoulder when you fire at the target. The stakes just got higher!

So get ready Robinhood. Lay that wager and get going with your friends for the best marksman in the group. If you feel you are a good shot and can focus in the most trying of circumstances, well then here’s your chance to prove it.

Learn with basic instructions in archery and air rifle shooting and try out how good you are in epic team v/s team battles.  It is rightly said: No guts, No Glory.

Cost : Rs 150 for Archery
Cost : Rs 100 for Rifle Shooting


rifle_shooting_YPO Meet - Reliance Bungalow (Headrush) by Roycin D'souza (LowRes)-74