HEADRUSH Urban Extreme

Overview – Urban Extreme

Hiranandani Gardens, Mumbai

Over 80,000 players already served at our 20,000 sq. ft facility in Hiranandani Gardens, Mumbai! Welcome to Headrush Urban Extreme at Hiranandani! Located amidst Roman-styled skyscrapers and international restaraunt chains is our very own urban extreme zone. Open to both individuals and corporate groups, Headrush Urban Extreme at Hiranandani has a huge set of activities for different group sizes!


Please check the Activities section for a detailed list of activities – with the cost and number of participants required for each activity

Timing and Directions:

Open to all group sizes 7 days a week from 3 PM to 10 PM. Large group bookings can be made from 9 AM onwards, on prior reservation.


Headrush Urban Extreme Hakone Landmark 1: 50m Ahead of the Pizza Hut Landmark 2: Next to Powai Plaza We are now accepting Bitcoin payments for Paintball. bitcoin