Scientific Team Development

Headrush Movie Making Challenge

About the Program

Lights! Camera! Action!

The Headrush movie making challenge gives participants an opportunity to don their director hats. Participants will be asked to create an ad/movie based on themes given to them. Each team member will be allotted roles involved in movie making e.g. producer, script writer, music/sound director, screenplay etc. by team captain (Director).
The team has various exciting, challenges during the course of the activity. With cameras editing equipment, projectors, props etc this activity gives teams a chance to work together in a unique challenge and explore the work and challenges behind the scenes of a movie/advertisement.

Program itinerary

  • Day 1:
    • Participants receive training on movie/film making from industry experts.
    • The movie/ad making challenge
    • Psychologist provide training and behavioral observations, assessments on team work and competencies for effective team functioning
    • Award ceremony where experts appreciate individuals with outstanding performance in various role functions.

Learning Areas / Competencies worked on

  • Production orientation & operational excellence
  • Ambiguity management
  • Ownership & accountability
  • Team cohesion
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Healthy competition
  • Creativity
  • Strategy development
  • Time management