Scientific Team Development

Headrush Amazing Race

About the Program

The Headrush Amazing Race is a comprehensive game where teams race through a combination of common clues, problems, challenges and other activities to reach the finale. We conduct this activity in various avatars, depending on the desired goals and locations:

Amazing Race Wilderness Challenge:

Teams Race through the forest from clue to clue encountering various challenges and fun activities.

Activities included :

    • Hiking
    • Raft building
    • Archery
    • Fishing/food gathering
    • Fire building
    • Paintball
    • Tent pitching
    • Photo challenge

Amazing Race Bangalore/Delhi/Chennai/Kolkata/Ahmedabad/Pune:

Teams travel to various parts of the city completing a series of intellectual and skill challenging activities.

Activities included :

    • Photo challenge
    • Salses challenge
    • Chat stall challenge
    • Go carting

Amazing Race Other General Location:

Conducted at any mutually decided location.

Activities included:

    • Photo challenge
    • ATV race
    • Zorbing
    • Target shooting/Archery
    • Catapult
    • Other small activities

Learning areas / Competencies worked on

  • Ownership & accountability
  • Team cohesion and synergy
  • Goal Orientation and alignment
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Healthy competition
  • Strategy development
  • Time management