Leadership Development

Leadership Entrepreneurship Challenge

About the Program

What better way to learn and understand leadership and management skills that running a mini simulated project? Our entrepreneur challenge program provides participants a chance to explore exciting, challenging, novel and highly engaging mini project assignments of various kinds to get insightful learning’s about their skills and capacities. With trained experts from various fields and expert psychologists as trainers participants explore their behaviors and competency levels and receive feedback and training on leadership and performance.

Activities included in the program

  • Restaurant challenge:
    Participants face the challenge of  setting up a 4 course meal and restaurant dining service in a limited time period for an audience and panel of experts. They encounter various challenges through the activity that would require them to demonstrate Leadership qualities of creativity, strategy and planning, decision making communication and action taking, problem solving, crises management, team work, conflict resolution and many more competencies. Post the activity they receive feedback on.
  • Event hosting challenge:
    Entertaining an audience in no easy business. Participants enjoy the challenging and fun experience of hosting a party or other entertainment function for audience. Leaders of each group and inter get a chance to demonstrate their creativity planning and execution skills
  • AD film/ Movie making: About the program
    “Lights! Camera! Action!” .The Headrush movie making challenge gives participants an opportunity to don their director hats. Participants will be asked to create an ad/movie based on themes given to them. Each team member will be allotted roles involved in movie making e.g. producer, script writer, music/sound director, screenplay etc. by team captain (Director). The team has various exciting, challenges during the course of the activity. With cameras editing equipment, projectors, props etc this activity gives teams a chance to work together in a unique challenge and explore the work and challenges behind the scenes of a movie/advertisement.
  • Battle field:
    Battle-field is a war simulation activity where participants are divided in two Army units who land up on island. Their goal is to survive till the end of the day. Leader commands troupe. The units will compete against each other via various tasks and challenges that they will face. Survival instinct, team spirit, leadership and problem solving attitude will lead to victory.

Program Itinerary

  • Day 1:
    • Objective: Learning through experience.
      • Participants receive objectives and goals from training expert.
      • Experts from various fields will provide training on execution of the project.
      • Leaders for each within activity challenge are decided
      • Participants go through the activity.
      • Participants discuss learning’s with team
      • Psychologist and other training experts provide training , assessments and  feedback to participants

Learning Areas / Competencies worked on

  • Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Goal setting
  • Creativity
  • Strategizing & Planning
  • Resource allocation & prioritizing
  • Emotional intelligence
    • Challenging fears, building confidence
    • Risk Taking
    • Perseverance/ Go getter attitude
    • Self-Awareness (identifying weaknesses and challenging them)
    • Building stress tolerance/ frustration tolerance
    • Crises management
    • Team building & team work