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Assessment Centers

What is an Assessment Center?

An assessment center is a combination of simulations, games, interviews, group discussions exercises, psychometric evaluations and behavioral observations that are carefully designed to measure behaviours, attitudes, skills and results against a predetermined set of competencies. The best assessment centers use a combination of team and individual tasks. Assessment centers are constructed on the premise that current and past behaviours and behavioral patterns are predictors of future behavior.

Common Uses of Assessment Centers:

  • Selection and Promotion
  • Diagnosis for Training & development needs
  • Development and Skill enhancement through simulations

Headrush Assessment Center

Through customized simulation activities, games and psychometric evaluation our panel of expert psychologist:

  • Carefully observe and document the behaviors displayed by the participants
  • Assessors individually write evaluation reports, documenting their observations of each participant’s performance
  • Integrate the data through a consensus discussion process
  • Each participant receives objective performance information
  • Management is given reviews of participants performance and competency levels, training needs identifies or feedback on team performance.


  • Participants go through activities simulations assessments that are custom designed based on objectives pre-decided between client and Headrush Psychologist
  • Maximum number of participants is 10 in a group
  • One assessor per three to four participants
  • Feedback provided to participants post AC
  • Report of observations and evaluations provided to management.