‘A heightened emotional connection that an employee feels for his or her organization, that influences him or her to exert greater discretionary effort to his or her work’ – Gallup

According to the latest engagement index, 71% of the workforce is either under-performing or actively confidential. Headrush Employee Engagement programs are our longer term programs that help transform the actively disengaged and partially engaged employees into fully engaged employees.

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Employee Engagement Activities

Benefits of Employee Engagement Activities

The term employee engagement mainly involves the active inclusion of the employees in the company for activities that are being carried out. These employee engagement activities serve as the best way possible to include them in all the works of the company and also to motivate them to work harder for the benefit of the organization. It is for the company to decide for conducting such programs that actively involve the employees in the organization.

Apart from employee motivation, there are several benefits that the company and employee can gain by conducting employee engagement programs. They include:

  • Positive effect on work
    By motivating the employees to work hard, the team and the company is able to get the best work from each of its employees. The person gets a positive effect through all these motivations and is able to accomplish tasks effectively.
  • Effective in decision making
    Once the employee understands that he/she is important, his/her mindset broadens and is able to get better in making decisions at work. This is not an easy thing for many, but when they understand the situation, they are able to perform better.
  • Removes inferiority from the employees
    All the employee engagement ideas to a great extent will help in removing the inferiority feeling that the employees get when they are subordinates in a company. By doing this, they are able to gain some confidence in their work.
  • Delivers creative work
    With the increase in the engagement of the employees, the company is able to gain some creative solutions for the projects that they have undertaken.
  • Work capacity gets increased
    When the employees learn that their contribution makes a difference in the policy making process of the company, their work capacity gets increased and they tend to give their best in the work.
  • Increases the sense of responsibility
    When certain responsibilities of the superiors are passed down to the subordinates in the company, a sense of responsibility gets instilled in every employee working in the company. When they reach the next level, they are able to get better hold of the work in hand.
  • Generation of novel ideas
    With the increase in the number of novel ideas for the project, the team is able to come up with the best solutions and can show the preferred output when there is a need.
  • Develops better focus
    When the employees are kept engaged in activities, they are able to gain better focus on their work. By engaging the subordinates along with the superiors in the company, better productivity ensues.
  • Adds values to the work
    Many of the employee engagement activities are conducted to add value to every employee in the company. They understand that their presence makes a difference in the company’s policies.
  • Provides platform to prove one’s potential
    By engaging the employees, the higher officials are able to provide a platform that these employees can make use of to prove their potential when assigned a particular project.
  • Removes the need for extra employees
    Employees feel the urge to perform better when their superiors assign them with a part of their work. This provides a chance to showcase the potential and also to improve without hiring new employees.