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Wildlife Expeditions across South India

Wildlife Expeditions across South India

Headrush Wildlife expeditions in South India are amongst the most exciting vacation options around. Pristine rainforests are home to abundant wildlife, including tropical birds, elephants and the beloved Bengal tiger. This area of India is home to some of the top national parks that allow visitors to see wildlife undisturbed in their natural setting.

Headrush Expeditions around Nagarhole are amongst the best destinations for wildlife in India. Situated on the Kabini River, it is home to the Nagarhole National Park, which attracts a large crowd of nature enthusiasts every year. Over 250 bird species are found in the park, with varying bright colors and interesting calls or songs to listen to. Waterfowl, including ducks and herons, are quite common. Gentle Asian elephants are found in the park and many tourists like to tour the jungle area by elephant. If you enjoy seeing big cats, both leopards and tigers may be found here.

Headrush Expeditions around Munnar make for an exciting mountain destination – that makes up a large part of many South India tours. One of the most unique species in the area is the Neel Thar, a type of mountain goat. The rugged scenery is beautiful to look at and the area provides a perfect setting for trekkers of all skill levels. This is an excellent place to visit for some contrast after visiting rainforest areas in lower elevations.

You will also want to consider our Expeditions across Periyar. The area boasts a beautiful lake and can be enjoyed boat. Watch towers are found in the area that are good platforms for wildlife viewing, particularly watching birds. Trekking or boating along the river is also a great way to see several unique bird species, including colorful flycatchers. You will also be very likely to see all sorts of colorful butterflies. It’s believed that there are over 100 different butterfly species here at any time.
To see an example of India’s modern conservation efforts, consider our Expeditions across Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary. Originally used as a hunting area, it was made into a park during the 1930’s, giving the native wildlife protection. The park has been designated as a tiger preserve to help fight the decline in India’s tiger population. Tiger conservation is so important that many visit specifically to see the tigers. Deer, antelope and wild boars are plentiful in the area, as well as the sloth bear and jackal. Several types of turtles, as well as pythons and other snakes may be found around the park. Numerous species of migratory birds spend part of the year in the area, including eagles, parakeets and falcons.

Our Expeditions across Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary are also perfect for fans of large predators. Its mixture of forests, swamps and grasslands provides the diversity that many species need to survive. In addition to big cats such as tigers and leopards, there is also a large Asiatic Wild Dog population. They are often found in some of the more remote areas of the sanctuary. Hyenas are also found here, providing competition for the wild dog population. At least two types of deer are commonly seen and you might also be able to see flying squirrels. Bird species are very abundant, including thrushes, pigeons, and harriers.

South India is a beautiful example of diverse ecosystems. Anyone who enjoys visiting with wildlife in a natural setting will appreciate what these areas have to offer.

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