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Motorcycle Tours across South India

Motorcycle Tours across South India

Stunningly beautiful, culturally diverse, historically rich and blessed with exquisite tropical flora and fauna, South India presents one of the most dynamic and exciting regions of India to explore – and what could be a better way for you to experience it all than from the saddle, biking down twisting country roads and breathtaking trails.

Headrush Expeditions conducts Motorcycle and Cycling tours – through different routes across South India. These tours can happen on Royal Enfield Bikes (India’s answer to the Harley!), Dirt Bikes or Mountain bikes.

From pretty coastal areas to the lush rainforests to the tea gardens and cardamom plantations at higher altitudes, the trip becomes one never ending and unforgettable experience that keeps on getting better with every mile.

Perhaps the only time you might face a dilemma would be deciding on a starting point for your wonderful adventure. Headrush has a number of possibilities. Call us and speak to one of our experts for the different South Indian trips available!

Kerala, that most quintessential South Indian state of all, is the starting point of many of our biking routes. Located on the picturesque Malabar Coast of South-West India and sandwiched between the rolling hills of the Western Ghats and the Lakshadweep Sea, you are more than likely to be totally blown away by the sheer beauty of ‘God’s own country’.

Our invigorating biking trails here will take you through riveting backwaters, wildlife reserves, tea and spice plantations, tropical rain forests and high altitude mountain forests.

Take the time to enjoy a day or two on a rice barge converted into a luxurious accommodation or one of the many heritage hotels. Enjoy the scrumptious indigenous food seasoned with local spices. In Kerala be prepared to spy a herd of wild elephants in any of the four wildlife parks you will bike through. And once you are done with the higher altitude trails and the backwaters of Kumarakom it will be time to take in the historic sights of Kochi, Alappuzha, Munnar, Cherai, Periyar and Kovalam.

Our Kerala routes typically go on to Karnataka and this is not only a popular option but a logical one. The tour continues seamlessly.  Here you will experience sights to cherish forever.  Rich in culture and tradition, our trails on this leg will take you through or near pristine beaches, thick forests, ancient temples and modern cities. Not to be missed are the Temple of Belur, the historic Mysore Palace and the Jog Falls.

The Dravidian state of Tamil Nadu is often next on the agenda. This is where culture jumps out at you in a hundred different ways so you may have to get off that saddle for a while and take in experiences that will remain with you for life. Music, dance and art will find you and you will find them everywhere you go.

Just like so much of the scenic South, the vistas of Tamil Nadu imprint on your mind leaving images that linger on long after you think you’re done and finished. The magnetism of its ancient centers of spirituality, heritage sites and tourism hot spots is hard to ignore. Places like Kanyakumari and the picturesque Ooty and Nilgiri Hills are simply heavenly. This is the place where gourmet tea can be enjoyed in its natural environ.

From here we typically move on to Andhra Pradesh, that fertile state where you want to see and experience more of everything from the open fields and wildlife sanctuaries to dazzling beaches, historic forts, ancient temples and places of worship and even modern structures and bustling cities.

No bike ride would be complete without going through the capital, Hyderabad, home of diamonds, intricate jewelry, glass bangles and mouthwatering cuisine. Other cities not to be missed for a hundred different reasons are Vishakhapatnam and Vijaywada. For those that are into IT, do not miss the opportunity to whizz through technical parks. That would be a sin.

Call us today – to speak to our experts and have them craft an end-to-end plan for you!