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Diving in the Andaman Islands

Diving in the Andaman Islands

Ensconce yourself in the brilliant blue waters of the Andaman Islands. Clustered in the Bay of Bengal, these rural tropical islands bring you beautiful diving locales without the pollution and hectic bustle of typical tourist traps.

Headrush Expeditions operates a dive center out of the Andaman Islands – with access to dive spots for both advanced and beginner divers. Divers can expect to see vivid soft corals and a plentiful assortment of colorful reef fish. The Andaman Islands are bursting with underwater life and healthy hard and soft corals.

Beginner divers can opt for a certified scuba diving course with us before they take to diving across the varied areas available.

As an as yet barely-touched diving destination, the islands’ most popular diving areas are still hidden to many, so here are some key places to visit.

Advanced divers will be drawn to our dives in Johnny’s Gorge with its brilliant kaleidoscope of marine life. In addition to Unicorn Fish, Emperor Angelfish, Redtoothed Triggerfish and many other fish species, Johnny’s Gorge also boasts regular shark sightings. Its maximum depth is 28 m.

Dixon’s Pinnacle is actually three pinnacles which tower above you from the maximum depth of 30 m. One of the pinnacles reaches 18 m, and the other two reach 25 m. Dive here with us and be rewarded with an inundation of color. The brilliance of Red-Toothed Triggerfish, schools of Barracuda, Batfish, Mackerel, and Glassfish are shadowed only by Manta Rays gliding by. Recommended for advanced divers, Dixon’s Pinnacle makes for a rare diving experience.

For those new to diving, don’t write the Andaman Islands off just yet. Elephant Beach on Havelock Island is postcard-perfect and aptly named for its betrunked ocean-swimming inhabitants. With its wide expanse of sand and reef life, Elephant Beach is the perfect place to see Moorish Idol fish, Spotted Groupers, Harlequin Sweetlips, and much more. The laid back ambiance and scenic beaches make it a must. Elephant Beach has a maximum depth of 20 m and is also the only dive site where you can walk right off of the beach.

Close by to Havelock Island is Minerva Ledge, another great spot for all diving levels with gentle to moderate currents. Minerva Ledge offers Potato Groupers, White Tip Reef Sharks, Napoleon Wrasse, and ample schools of small fish at the top of the reef. The bottom of the reef is rocky with healthy hard and soft corals.

South Button is well-known for its shallow water tropical coral reefs, which provide hours of wonder for snorkelers and scuba divers. This island boasts a sandy slope teeming with marine life, bringing you close to macro life in the wall as well as Big-Eye Trevally, Surgeonfish, Crocodile Fish, Barracuda, Manta Rays and more while the White Bellied Sea Eagle swoops above the water. As you follow the slope down, you have a chance of spotting sharks in the distance.

Neil’s Pride provides gorgeous hard and soft corals, with a steeply-sloping reef leading to the sea. The Giant Sweetlips, Leatherback Turtles, Fusiliers, Manta Ray, and Butterflyfish ensure a rich diving experience. The bottom of this dive site brings you to coral-covered rocks, The maximum depth at Neil’s Pride is an impressive 40 m.

For night dives, check out Lighthouse Point. While the fish are out and active with a strong showing of Bumphead Parrotfish, Lionfish, Rainbow Runners, Blue Fin Trevally and Fusiliers, there is also a strong showing of macro life. With a maximum depth of 32 m and generally strong currents, this location is recommended for advanced divers.

These are just a few of the most popular diving locations in the Andaman Islands, and just a small part of the islands’ allure. Call us today – and have one of our experts design a custom diving plan for you!