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Wildlife Expeditions across North India

Wildlife Expeditions across North India

Seekers of wildlife know that India has long been cited as one of the most thrilling locales to spot animal species both famous and obscure. North India, rich in sloping hills, open plains, great rivers and towering mountains, offers a truly diverse spectrum of environments for an impressive assortment of wildlife to call home.

Imagine yourself in the lower Himalayas, listening to the rushing waters of the Ganges River while surrounded by lush green plant life all around. North India’s distinctive beauty lies in its multeity, giving you the chance to see mountain tops, river valleys, and all the wildlife in and in between. Whether you are looking for tigers, elephants, reptiles, bears, or are more of an aviary enthusiast, the only question that remains in your wildlife travel plans is where in North India to go.

If your eyes brightened at the thought of seeing tigers, your first stop should be Madhya Pradesh. Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh is one of the most revered wildlife locations in the world. Here you will see amazing varieties of flora, fauna, birds, jungle animals, and – yes – tigers. Our Jeep Safari offers an exceptional mode of observing wildlife at Kanha National Park, including the opportunity to see a tiger in the open. Groups and individuals come into the park in open Jeeps accompanied by an experienced naturalist and follow a fixed route so as not to disturb the animals’ sanctuary. Elephants, another national treasure of India, are also famously observed on safari at Kanha National Park, as well as the awe-inspiring barasingha, known as the “jewel of Kanha”.

The Great Himalayan National Park is another place to see large cats and an abundance of flora and fauna. Visit this sanctuary in the winter months and be rewarded with the best chance to see the rare Himalayan tahr and snow leopards. If you visit in the ideal weather conditions of April or May, you will be in prime time to go jungle trekking. The Great Himalayan National Park boasts over 30 species of mammals, 200 species of birds, 3 reptiles, and an abundant array of insect species.

For those in search of the aviary, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary has been called an “Ornithologist’s Paradise”. The lakes, bogs and marshes of the sanctuary house over 400 species of birds uncommonly seen. Some of the birds migrate in the winter from breeding grounds as far away as Siberia, such as the Siberian Crane, or the Snow Crane. Other birds you have a good chance of seeing here are cormorants, pelicans, ducks, eagles, hawks, warblers, wheatears, and more, all of which you might spot from our boat safari through the park. Additionally, you may happen upon one of the three species of wildcat who make their homes here – the jungle cat, the leopard cat, and the fishing cat, as well as a large representation of reptile life.

Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as the “Ranthambore Tiger Reserve”, is another wonderful tiger reserve in India. Nestled in the Aravalis and the Vindhya mountain ranges, this park offers rugged terrain in which to track a tiger in its natural habitat, and see panthers, leopards, hyena, jackals and more. Visitors of this park can also see the second largest Banyan tree in India, located next to the Jogi Mahal, an attraction in itself as a rest house famous for tiger sightings experienced there.

For a truly unique experience, visit Siana for the rare opportunity to see how wildlife lives in tandem with the Shepard villagers. Located south of Jodhpur next to the great Thar desert, the land itself is an amalgamation of granite hills, agricultural fields, and sandy dunes. The villagers maintain their traditional way of life, unfettered by Western ideals. Come with us to Siana to see not only gain insight into the Shepards’ way of life, but also to see leopard, baracal and blackbuck on an early-morning Jeep ride.

This is but a brief glimpse into the wildlife of North India. Its scenic beauty is mother to both spectacular views and numerous habitats for an assortment of unique species. You can’t help but want to compile your own experiences there, so why not start planning now?

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