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Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh

The stunning bulk of the Himalayas and the ancient forests that abound in the Himachal Pradesh region make it one of the best trekking locations for wilderness lovers and adventurers.

Most Headrush Expedition treks in Himachal Pradesh begin in Shimla, the state capital, and the summer capital for all of India until independence.  It’s a small city, and a strange one: its British heritage gives it a decidedly European, even Victorian, flair. Trekkers striking out from Shimla have a number of choices, most involving driving to Manali a few hours to the north.

The most traditional is our route between the Pin and Parvati Valleys, one of the more challenging routes in Himachal. This route takes trekkers fairly high into the Himalaya. Mid-route, trekkers have a challenging choice: either ford a small mountain river or cross a small glacier. Either way culminates in crossing a high pass that is snowbound all year, every year. If that kind of choice sounds exciting to you, our highly mountainous Pin-Parvati trek is made for you. If it sounds terrifying, the other routes in Himachal may be more appropriate!

Some more of our moderate treks pass into or out of the Kullu valley, a large and wide valley formed by the River Beas. The “Valley of Gods” has been renowned for its beauty for generations, and the terrain varies dramatically from area to area. Old forests, with occasional rest bungalows hidden deep inside them, change into rocky hillsides change into fields along a river valley. Treks can vary based on your preferences: Kullu valley offers everything from religious festivals to rock climbing, so it works well for just about everyone.

Other routes in Himachal focus on the Trans-Himalaya, a range of high peaks running parallel to the main range, as well as the Pir Panjal range and Dhauladhar range. The Trans-Himalaya is a land of roaring rivers and barren treeless plains, far from anything but small villages. And the Dhauladhar is home to numerous sacred lakes high in the mountains.

Himachal Pradesh has the amongst the wildest treks in India. The state hosts every one of the major Himalayan ranges, and is very lightly populated. Trekkers seeking a pure, unspoiled natural experience, with a dash of traditional Hindu culture, will find everything they’re looking for high in Himachal Pradesh.

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