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Darjeeling and Sikkim

Darjeeling and Sikkim

Nestled deep within the beauty of the Himalayan Mountains, two Eastern Indian regions, blessed and peaceful, comprise a small portion of this incredibly sacred part of the global sphere. Home to the highest peaks in the world, Darjeeling and Sikkim are among one of many Shambalas –  an “Earthly paradise” – that truly encapsulate peace and tranquility. With their snow peaked valleys, pristine waterfalls, and stunning landscapes, it’s no wonder that Darjeeling and Sikkim are a sought-after destination for tourists who wish to discover beauty like they never have before.

Located on the West side of Sikkim, the Darjeeling district is an easy route to the wee state of Sikkim, easily accessible through their shared throughways. The distance between the two lands is only 29 miles, which – for any hiker – is not that great of a distance to travel, and with so many routes from point A to point B, Headrush trekking Expeditions are bountiful throughout this gorgeous sector of the world. So if you’re thinking about trekking through the immaculate landscapes of Darjeeling and Sikkim – contact us for the different trekking route options through this area!

In Darjeeling, our lower altitude treks in the lower regions of Darjeeling are simple, and recommended for trekkers who prefer to trek at a leisurely pace. Our Kalimpong-Relli Trek guides you through paddy fields, and our Kurseong- Mirik trail through the natural beauty of the lands many tea gardens. But if you’re not one for easy routes, amongst our popular trekking voyages from Darjeeling to Tonglo, Sandakphu, and Phalut is a 6-7 day trekking expedition with unbelievable views of Mt. Everest and Kanchenjunga.

In Sikkim – as is the same for Darjeeling – trekking is best done between March and May when the flowers are in bloom and the weather is ideal for trekking and hiking. But unlike Darjeeling, in Sikkim – if you’re not a natural citizen – you must obtain trekking permits from either Delhi, Kolkata, or Siliguri, but once you do, you’ll be happy you did. Our treks in Sikkim include the popular route from Yuksom to Dzongri to Goccha La with unbelievably exquisite views of Kanchenjunga. And after that – if you still have the energy – you can trek to the top of Menam Hill (with an altitude of 10,300 feet) that over looks its smaller brethren, Tendong Hill. Overlooking the Ravangla Bazar settlement – a small town at the base of Menham Hill – on a clear, sunny day, it’s possible to see the southern hills of Darjeeling and the plains of West Bengal. 

As one of the most popular activities among our fare, trekking among the Indian mountains and the shimmering glaciers, streams, and rivers provides trek-enthusiasts with long-lasting memories that no other place on Earth is guaranteed to provide. And by reserving your spot today in one of many popular trekking routes in Darjeeling and Sikkim, you can expect a picturesque experience in this Eastern India region.

Call us today – to speak to our experts on the different trekking routes available in the Darjeeling and Sikkim region!