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Trekking Expeditions across North India

Trekking Expeditions across North India

Headrush Expeditions’ treks across Northern India take our trekkers through some of the world’s most stunning settings. Imagine the majestically craggy, snow-dazzled Himalaya Mountains rising above, while you’re surrounded by delicate white and pink rhododendron forests, silver pine thickets and velvety green meadows. These sights are but a sample of the many awe-inspiring scenes you will encounter while trekking with Headrush Expeditions, across Northern India.

Created to merge different natural elements together: you might stroll past a herd of shaggy yaks, exchange glances with a quizzical Ibex, or marvel at a Golden Eagle soaring towards the white mountain peaks. Plucky marmots and pikas pop up out of the ground and chirp their presence, sure-footed Blue Sheep (actually a cross between sheep and goat) dance up and down the rocky slopes. Then there is the elusive Snow Leopard that evokes the very mystery and ancient myth of this land.

Our trekking expeditions are also designed to bring you into contact with the people of this region. Buddhist monasteries perch on the edges of mountainsides, colorful prayer flags welcoming visitors in to meet the monks who reside there. Tea plantation workers in the mountains of Darjeeling harvest the leaves with care.

Amongst our most popular trekking routes, are those in the region of Ladakh. This area, located in the tip of north India, bears resemblance to its neighbor Tibet. The culture and religious beliefs of Ladakh are similar to those of Tibet. The windswept mountain steppes offer horizontal views that go seemingly forever. The vertical views are the tips of the storied Himalayas. This is a high-altitude region, with the main city of Leh witting at 11,562 feet above sea level. Headrush Expeditions offers many different trekking routes out of Ladakh. Contact us to have our experts design an expedition for you.

Darjeeling and Sikkim are located in northeast India near the borders of Bhutan to the north, and Bangladesh to the south. Darjeeling, known as “The Queen of the Himalayas”, is where the famous tea grows, and is lush, verdant country. Headrush Expeditions programmes across this region include dense forests with flowers such as orchids and magnolias growing in abundance. The Singalila range is one of our more popular trekking areas in Darjeeling, and it boasts more than 120 species of birds. This area is home to red pandas and barking deer. The altitude is a bit lower here, overall, but the views of the mighty peaks of Everest, Lhotse and Kachenjunga are no less spectacular. There are many monasteries located in the trekking areas of Darjeeling and Sikkim that we conduct expeditions through.

Headrush Expeditions treks through the Himachal Pradesh area of northern India offer trekkers rocky mountainsides, flower-filled meadows and gorgeous mountain views. One of our more traversed routes in the Himachal Pradesh is through the Dhauladhar range, the outer Himalayas, where altitudes vary from 9,842 feet to 19,685. There are many mountain villages in the Himachal Pradesh from which our treks embark, including Chail and Pragpur. The so-called “Peach Valley”, Rajgarh is another interesting trekking area, with lush greenery and pine forests. As its name suggests, there are bucolic peach and apple orchards to be found there.

Uttarakhand is an area that pilgrims have trekked through for centuries – and another offering in the Headrush Expeditions fare. It is home to the sources of two of India’s sacred rivers, the Ganga and Garhwal. Our trekkers can enjoy the infrastructure that has long been in place in this region, thanks to these pilgrims. Of particular interest to many of our trekkers are several temples that have been built near the sources of the sacred rivers. The temple at Kedarnath, which is backed by sheer white cliffs, is considered the most scenic of them. There are a number of high altitude vehicle roads in Uttarkhand, which gets our trekkers to higher environs faster than if they walked the distance.

Within all of Northern India there are many excellent options for trekking with us. From the steppes of Ladakh, to the lush tea plantations of Darjeeling and Sikkim, to the high altitude temples and river gorges of Uttarakhand, to the valleys of Himachal Pradesh- your choices with us are abundant and varied. All you need to do – give us a call and have us design an expedition for you!