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Rafting Expeditions across North India

Rafting Expeditions across North India

Situated on continental India, and located in the Indo-Gangetic Plain of the Himalayan Mountains, Northern India is a vast and breathtaking region of the world. Diverse in culture, rich in picturesque landscapes, and its apollonian wonderment always rife in splendor.

For those thinking about embarking on a trip to Northern India and adding an exhilarating activity to the fare, here is a list of the areas where Headrush Expeditions operates its river rafting expeditions:

The Indus River:

One of Asia’s major rivers (and the longest river in Pakistan), the River Indus, travels and flows through Tibet, Pakistan, and Northern India. Many of our sought-after rafting expeditions transpire on these waters. With winds that bend and pass, the Indus River takes you through the high-altitude desert located in the Western Himalayas of India. So for those who live and breathe extreme, the routes on this river are for you.

With challenges to test even the most qualified of river rafters, the Zanskar roars hurriedly along gorges deep and wide
– emerging at the mouth of the Indus and Zanskar – and comes with top level rapids that nudge our rafters left and right and exposes them to mind-numbingly beautiful scenery that will make your eyes pop.

Beas and Sutlej

Perhaps rapid fire rapids aren’t your thing, and if not, our routes along the rivers Beaj and Sutlej are the perfect venue to float down. These two rivers are located in the Himachal Pradesh region, offering minimal amounts of grand rapids that intermediate rafters will find easy to navigate. But be mindful of the seasons and make sure you raft during the months of September and October, and May and June. These are the best months for rafting. Also, bring suitable dress as it tends to get quite windy.

River Ganga, Bhagirathi, and Alaknanda:

The Ganga River, located in Uttarakhand (an area boasting the best rafting in all of Northern India as well as rafting training facilities), is not too far away from the Bhagirathi river (a racy, free-flowing body of water) and the Alaknanda river; ideal rafting routes in April and October. And they’re also located near New Delhi, in case you want to raft and visit all in one day.

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