An All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is a motorized off-road vehicle. Its tyres are typically set to a lower pressure, to enable it to easily traverse off-road terrain.


All Terrain Vehicles provide a unique activity, that isn’t very common to adventure zones in India. Also, an ATV track can be developed at a considerably low cost – bringing down the overall setup cost of All Terrain Vehicles.

Having run Mumbai’s first All Terrain Vehicle track, Headrush has in-depth, first-hand knowledge of ATVs, and can provide a complete turnkey solution:

We consider Innovation one of our strengths, and dedicate extensive resources keeping abreast of the latest developments and trends in All Terrain Vehicles from across the world.

All equipment, from the ATVs themselves, to track infrastructure like barricading, to safety gear like the elbow pads can be sourced from us. Given its nascence in India, we usually import most ATV equipment – to ensure quality of the product.

Our team includes experts with years of experience with ATVs of different brands, including running Mumbai’s first ATV track. Also, all training has been received directly from large All Terrain Vehicle manufacturers, from across the world.

Where required, inspection and certification can be obtained from external, international ATV associations.