41% of Companies with Poor Training Have Employees Leave in 12 Months-by Jessica Miller-Merrell

Talent management and the war for talent remain a hot topic for HR, CEO’s and Recruiters as we begin to look at  2013.  Good organizations are exploring ways to recruit, retain, and train their employees.  The rest are making it easy to poach their best talent.  And I love poaching talent.  In the recruitment space, sourcing passive candidates has always been a focus especially with social media.  In 2012, a number of algorithm social media based sourcing tools have arose making searching, evaluating, and engaging top talent easier.  There are HR technology companies right now developing algorithms and big data tools that can determine when and if an employee is in the job market based on their online activities alone.  Imagine as a recruiter, creating a pie in the sky candidate database that new tech will alert you when your top employees are in the market.  All because of updates and posts to their blogs, online profiles, and social networks.  It’s happening. . .

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