Outdoor Learning : A Headrush Insights Perspective

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Over the past few years that we’ve been running training programs,  increasingly, I’ve been aware of two very prominent patterns:

  1. Classroom based learning programs can get very boring. Note, the emphasis on very.
  2. Outdoor learning programs are about 99.92% fun, with .08% incidental learning.

I’m not invalidating either, by the way. I’m saying a training program comprising only one of the two is incomplete. This isn’t just an opinion – research backs it. Limara touched upon this in her Outdoor Learning: What NASA, Harvard and Wharton have in common article.

To be fair, even we’ve been guilty of No. 2, in the past. Not that every outdoor learning program needs to be a boot camp, but if the requirement is training, it would help if the program is focused to bring about deliberate, insightful learning.

This is what drove our decision to form Headrush Insights. Our no-bullsh**, serious, training arm. If you’re trying to cram as many activities in a day as possible, then Headrush Insights probably isn’t for you. If your idea of training is taking 100 people to a resort in Karjat for a 10 AM – 6 PM day out with a laundry list of training objectives, Headrush Insights isn’t for you. For such groups, there’s always good old Headrush Outbound – that facilitator of happy shared experiences! Take him and he’ll make sure your time’s been well spent.

Ideally, Headrush Insights group sizes need to limited to 20 people. These are at least 2 day programs, *focused* around a particular objective. With post-event follow up. We’re sparing no effort in making Insights’ programs a Level 10092 type rigorous training program. Training industry leaders to deliver programs along with our in-house trainers : CHECK. A combination of assessment centers, classroom learning and high impact outdoor learning oriented activities: CHECK. Participants to go WAY beyond their comfort zones: CHECK.

For a short while, we’re offering a free, no-obligation, training needs analysis. If you’re handling a team and feeling like something’s amiss, give us a call on 1800-120-9091 #1 and we’ll probe around and figure what exactly is going on.

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