Oct 2012 What if I told you the Self Esteem is a Myth?

Self-esteem is probably the greatest emotional disturbance known to the human race, if we understand self-esteem in the way in which it is usually defined. Albert Ellis: founder of Rational Emotive behavior therapy and one of the most influential people … Continue reading

Oct 2012 Decision Making: Are You an Autopilot?

According to a survey by Columbia University decision making researcher, Sheena Iyengar, the average American makes approximately 70 conscious decisions every day. One must keep in mind that most decisions are made unconsciously. Jim Nightingale, author of Think Smart-Act Smart, states, … Continue reading

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Sep 2012 Outdoor Learning : A Headrush Perspective

Over the past few years that we’ve been running training programs,  increasingly, I’ve been aware of two very prominent patterns: Classroom based learning programs can get very boring. Note, the emphasis on very. Outdoor learning programs are about 99.92% fun, … Continue reading

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Sep 2012 What Makes A Good Leader, IQ or Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence: “Leadership: the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower  Over the years psychologists, organisational behaviour experts and others have researched the phenomenon to understand … Continue reading

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