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Adaptation to change has been an integral part of the human race in all eras. However, when it comes to managing transitions within the fast changing business environment, very few people are able to master the skills required to become successful in the new roles. Most of them struggle to accept the fact that their contribution to the organsation which has played a key role in getting them the new role- would no longer be relevant. They would be required to acquire new skills to manage the transition.


A few years ago, on a trip to Pennsylvania, I stumbled across Fort Necessity National Battlefield where a brash lieutenant colonel once lost a battle that helped start the French-Indian War. Young George had picked a fight while scouting the Ohio Valley and paid the price, ultimately in surrendering this colonial outpost. It wouldn’t be his last battle lost, but as historian Alan Axelrod captured, the Blooding at Great Meadows would indeed be the battle that shaped the man.

The experiences George Washington gathered and how he effectively managed his career transitions to become the Father of Our Country are not unlike the transitions through which leaders from all time and contexts go. For centuries, pages became squires and squires became knights, with each transition carrying its own unique elements. Still today, at each progressive career stage, leaders must develop new skills because those they’ve mastered are no longer sufficient to be successful in their new roles (read The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith). Understanding this phenomenon and working to manage transitions is one of the hardest things leaders do along their journey.

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