Mar 2013 Clash of Nations II – Our Inter-country Paintball Tournament!

Following the overwhelming success of Clash of Nations I – where 8 International teams, including the American Consulate, Russian Roulette and 6 others battled it out, Headrush is proud to announce, Clash of Nations II! 12 teams showed up for … Continue reading

Dec 2012 Producing Quality Teams through Needs Based Motivational Philosophy

Many of us recall the 1993 movie Schindler’s List. Liam Neeson stars as the CEO who ends the movie in a harrowing scene when he movingly portrays a man full of regret that he couldn’t save even more Jews than … Continue reading

Dec 2012 Matching Leadership Behaviours and Team Development

    It’s hard to overestimate the impact team leaders have on their group. Not only are the team leaders responsible for running day-to-day operations that support the team, they must also facilitate the team’s emotional growth. Within their relational … Continue reading

Dec 2012 Managing Motivation in Turbulent Times

In these times of economic uncertainties, keeping employees motivated is a big challenge for both managers and HR professionals. Employee motivation has gained new significance in the current business scenarios of economic recession, layoffs and cost cutting. UNDERSTANDING MOTIVATION In … Continue reading

Nov 2012 Fostering Team Creativity

The fast changing business environment is forcing organizations to continuously evolve and innovate. Cutting costs and lean management are no longer the solution to stay ahead of competition. Something different and fresh is the need of the hour – Fostering … Continue reading

Nov 2012 Stress Management – Go the Outdoor Way !

  In a life of constant pressure and cut-throat competition the youth and working class of metropolitan cities face a constant threat of health issues related to stress. In a world-wide poll of over 105 countries by Gallup, only 20% … Continue reading

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Nov 2012 Games That Prepare You for Real Life!

We have all heard hazard stories and ill effects on video games. In addition to understanding the many real concerns that today’s parents have with video games; it is also worth considering the benefits and positive aspects that contemporary interactive … Continue reading

Oct 2012 Work-Life Balance – Is it Affecting You?

Work-life balance has become a subject of concern for business leaders, human resource managers, healthcare professionals as well as employees in global organisations today. With rising inflation, there is pressure to recover cost of education along with the ambition to … Continue reading

Oct 2012 From Contributor to Leader: A CEO’s Advice on Successfully Navigating Critical Transitions – Chuck Hyde

Adaptation to change has been an integral part of the human race in all eras. However, when it comes to managing transitions within the fast changing business environment, very few people are able to master the skills required to become … Continue reading

Oct 2012 Leadership Secret Three: Two Skills Great Leaders Master – Tony Robbins

Time Mastery and Relationship Mastery are essentially the most important skills for effective leaders according to Tony Robbins. Focusing your energies in the right direction towards targeted results and ‘cutting through the clutter’ is essential. In this process, building of … Continue reading

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