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Overview – Adventure Sports Equipment

Overview – Adventure Sports Equipment

Headrush Equipment is India’s largest adventure sports equipment provider for all major international brands. 

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Headrush Equipment Sales is our Adventure and Extreme Equipment sales division. Built closely integrated with our own expertise of adventure setups, Headrush Equipment Sales deals in all equipment for all major adventure sports. Check out our complete list here.


Why is Headrush Equipment the most preferred adventure sports equipment provider in India?

Because adventure sports is not a hobby for us. It is our profession. We conduct regular research into the best equipment in the world and provide convenient alternatives to buyers. Along with our large network of adventure sports equipment distributors, Headrush Equipment Sales has an efficient after-sale support staff, maintenance team and equipment training team. 

How do you contact us? 

Call us at 1800-120-9091 Extn #3 for both large and small orders, or use the Contact Form.

Headrush Equipment is the largest supplier of Paintball Equipment in India. 

Check our Paintball Equipment prices below. Download the file here.



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