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Zipline and Rope Activities

The Zip-Line has its participants traverse a huge distance at a height of around 40 feet, through the use of cables connected from one tower to another.

The construction cost of a Zipline can be adapted to different budgets – elaborate multi-activity towers, with many different activities can be constructed for higher budgets, and simpler, single-activity Ziplines can be provided for lower budgets. Also, rope activities can be added to the Zipline.

Having run Mumbai’s first and longest Zipline, Headrush has in-depth, first-hand knowledge of Ziplines, and can provide a complete Turnkey solution:

  • Zipline Design and Construction: Headrush can design and implement a structurally sound Zipline, completely adapted to the client budget and requirement.
  • Staff Training and Technical Know-how: Our team includes experts with years of experience with different Ziplines, including running Mumbai’s first and longest Zipline.
  • External Certification: Where required, inspection and certification can be obtained from external, international associations.



  • In-City: Amusement Parks, Entertainment Zones, Large Real Estate Townships
  • Out of City: Large Resorts, Forests, Natural Trails, Out of City Locations


  • Can be combined with multiple other activities in one tower eg. Rope Activities can be added
  • Unique Activity in India
  • Adaptable Setup Cost

Space Required:

  • Minimum: 2 10 ft x 10 ft zones separated by at least 100 ft

Number of Participants:

  • 1-2 at a time

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