HEADRUSH Adventure Consulting

Overview – Adventure Consulting


Segway PTs (Personal Transporters) can be used for the following applications:

  • Racing for Segways
  • City Tours: These PTs provide a very useful blend of foot and vehicular transportation. Using PTs, tourists have the convenience of travelling on foot, but for much larger distances.
  • Branding/Marketing and Utility: Eg: For large projects, Segways serve both as a unique branding tool, and as a convenient way to walk through the project.

Headrush can provide a complete Segway solution:

  • Area ¬†Design and Construction: Depending on the client requirement, Headrush can design and construct track, completely adapted to the client budget and requirement.
  • Staff Training and Technical Know-how
  • Maintenance, Repairs etc.



  • Unique Activity
  • Great for Branding

Space Required:

  • No minimum

Number of Participants:

  • Depends on the number of

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