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Overview – Adventure Consulting


The Powerfan is a free-fall simulation device, that provides the raw experience of free-fall from a height, with considerably high safety. It brings another very unique activity to any adventure or entertainment zone, and can shared infrastructure with other tower based activities such as the Zip-line.

Headrush can provide a complete Turnkey solution to any Powerfan Setup:

  • Equipment Procurement and Tower Constructions: All equipment can be imported by us, and Headrush can completely handle the tower design and construction.
  • Staff Training and Technical Know-how
  • Maintenance and Servicing: If required, maintenance and servicing can be provided
  • Inspection and Certification



  • Amusement Parks, Entertainment Centres
  • Large Real Estate Townships, Resorts


  • Very Unique Activity
  • Very Little Space Required
  • Can Share Infrastructure with other Activities

Space Required:

  • Less than 1000 sq. ft

Number of Participants:

  • 1-2 at a time

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