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Go Karting

What are the applications of Go Karting?

Go-Karting has always been an excellent base activity – one that can bring in the crowds completely off its own accord. In most multi-activity zones, Go-Karting serves as one of the ‘feeder’ activities: an activity that brings in crowds for other activities to use.

Headrush brings comprehensive expertise to any Go-Karting project, and can provide a complete turnkey solution

  • Constant Innovation: We consider Innovation one of our strengths, and dedicate extensive resources keeping abreast of the latest developments and trends in Go-Karting from across the world.
  • Equipment Procurement: All equipment, from the Go-karts themselves, to track infrastructure like timing systems, to safety gear like the elbow pads can be sourced from us. Depending on the requirement, these can be imported or sourced from within India.
  • Staff Training and Technical Know-how: Our team includes experts with almost 2 decades of experience running Go-Karting, including Mumbai’s most successful Go-Karting track.
  • External Certification: Where required, inspection and certification can be obtained from external, international Go-Karting associations.


Go Karting

Go-Karts can be broadly be classified into two types:

  • On-Road: Go-Karting tracks with timing systems, for racing
  • Off-Road: Used for traversing off-road terrain and utility purposes


  • Racing: Amusement Parks, Entertainment Centres, Large Real Estate Townships
  • Off-Roading: Resorts, Outdoor Parks, Hill stations, Areas with off-roading


  • Racing: Massive Income and Awareness Generator
  • Off-Roading: Branding, Marketing and Utility

Space Required:

  • Racing: Rs. 12500 sq. ft and more
  • Off-Roading: No minimum restriction

Number of Participants:

  • 6-8 at a time

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