Headrush – About Us

Headrush – About Us

The Brand

Headrush is India’s most unique adventure sports and outdoors brand. Headrush creates experiential, thrilling and memorable moments through the medium of adventure sports and outdoor activities. All activities at Headrush are streamlined into four divisions based on the type of enthusiast we serve. From fun filled recreational adventure parks to rigorous outdoor focused corporate training, Headrush is the facilitator for adventure across its entire sphere. Having started operations in India with a recreational offering, Headrush has since served over 80,000 recreational customers across multiple Indian cities.


Our USP lies in being able to provide an alternative to everything. Be it lifestyle, entertainment, training, travel, celebrations, occasions or fitness. Headrush creates an entirely new spectrum of possibilities that people can explore. We’re creating a culture that allows people to rediscover themselves in an absolutely new avatar.

And give them lots and lots of bragging rights!

How We Started?

It’s like how every revolution starts. Youth, adrenaline and an inherent wish to create change. What started off as wishful thinking between two friends has grown into a strong and resolute team of specialists with diverse skillsets.